5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lingerie Your Partner Will Love

Are you looking for something to spice things up in the bedroom. when it comes to lingerie the rule of thumb is less is more but we don’t mean that literally. If you are looking for something that will really knock his socks off then follow our simple guide to buying the perfect lingerie for him.

Simple Colours

When in doubt go for black or white. These shade will accentuate your figure shape and set the tone. Bright colours and skin tones are to be avoided. Try to avoid prints that can be distracting. In short you want to show off your figure so choose something sleek and simple when it comes to colours.


It can feel like you need to go for the littlest outfit you can get your hands on and try and cram everything inside it but you should avoid this train of thought. You might find you will spend the night readjusting yourself which is not what it is all about. Remember this golden rule: If it feels uncomfortable then it will look uncomfortable!

Keep it Simple

Try to avoid things that are difficult to take of because eventually you  will want to take it off. you don’t want to kill  the mood by having to break out the instruction manual so you are you partner can decipher how to unhook your bra.


Take your dressing up a notch. Remember a little bit of jewellery and some high heels will drive him wild. Its amazing how much of a difference a necklace will make. Plus when you wear that same necklace the next day He will be automatically thinking about what you have got on underneath.


Work with the shape of your body. Don’t try and be something that you are not. If you have an hourglass figure…great! Show it off. if you have a smaller Bust. Great! Find something which shows of those fantastic legs you have. If you feel comfortable and sexy in what you are wearing then trust us your partner will feel the exact sam way.


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