Beauty Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack. Having that little titbit of information makes you feel quite clever am i right? and who doesn’t like to feel clever? That is why we have compiled a lists of some of the best beauty hacks we know. Maybe you have been using something wrong all this time or you might have find a new use for something old after you read this.

Kirby Grips

You have been using Kirby Grips (or bobby pins as they are known in the US) wrong for years. If you want them to stay in place better then try flipping them over. The waves side will grip better than the some side. Then if you stick a couple of Kirby Grips into the your ponytail then it wont sag or droop down during the day.

A New Use For Eyeshadow

If you, like many women suffer from thin hair and what to make it appear thicker then all you need to do is dust in some eyeshadow into the parting of your air. Make sure it is the same colour as the hair you have got to avoid some embarrassing conversations. This will instantly make your hair look thicker!

Nail Polish

Do you want your nail polish to last longer. Sick of having to paint your nails every few days. Next time you paint your nails stick them into come ice cold water while a few minutes after you paint them. This will help set the paint and will make the nails dry faster.

Foundation Stains

Are you messy when you apply make up? US to. If you are constantly getting foundation on you clothes then the easiest way to get the stain out s with some shaving cream. Just dab a little bit of shaving cream on the satin and rub it in. Once you stick it in the wash that satin will be gone. You are welcome!



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