Denim Fashion Tips for 2017

Somethings never go out of style. Leather jackets. Plain white tees (the clothes not the band,) the little black dress and denim. Denim has always been around in some way shape or form since that days of the old west and it isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon either! That is why we decided to write up some of our best tips and trick for introducing denim into your everyday wearing. Most women will go for the jeans and the T Shirt look but denim is some much more than that and here is what you can add to your wardrobe to get the latest denim look.

The Skirt

Bypass jeans all together and go for the denim skirt. How you wear it is up to you. You can go for the long and glowing denim skirt with a pair o black high heels as made famous by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner or if you want to show off a bit of your fantastic legs then why not go for the denim mini skirt and a pair of boots!

The Denim Jacket

There was a time when double denim was one of the ten fashion commandments but times change. When you are having a dress down day but you still want to look ace then get yourself a denim jacket and matching pair of jeans. Wear them with a white vest top or introduce a bit of colour into your pallet and you will look like you have just jetted in from LA. Try and stay away from more shade of blue when adding to this look.


Believe it or not dungarees are really in right now. I didn’t thinkI would ever be writing that statement. You can rock the dungaree look with a leather jacket and a white T shirts. Buttoning you top half down for a bit of flare or why not grab yourself a black and white stripped top to wear with your new dungarees and go for the hipster look. To be fair the options are limitless.

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